Website Design Project Stages Explained

Discover the stages of your website design project. We follow this 6 step system for client projects to ensure they succeed. Time to launch? Let's chat.

Smooth Sailing. From Start to Finish.

No matter the size - or the complexity - of your website project we'll follow this proven 6 step project plan. 
Each of these stages focus on a single goal. Making your new website a success. 

Our project process - used to deliver all of our client website projects - has been refined over 20 years, to make sure that we do just the right things, at just the right time, in just the right way, to launch your businesses' website. Stress-free.

Your Website Design Project. Our Six Step System.

Step 1. Your Fixed Price Quote

We'll kick things off by getting to you a you and your business.

We'll discuss about your goals. Your business as it is now. And how you want it to be in the future. Your marketing. Your current services. And your website ideas.

You'll get time to ask us your questions, too.

We'll plot out the scope of your project. And outline exactly what you need, to launch and grow a successful website. 

We'll also share with you, the financial investment needed to make your digital dreams a reality. 

Website Design Project Stages - Stage 1 - Your Fixed Price Quote
Website Design Project Stages - Stage 2 - Project Planning

Step 2. Project Planning

We'll work out the longer phases, and the shorter steps, that make up your website project, and plan them out. 

We'll list out what we need from you, and when.
What will be built, and when.
And all dependancies that require this to be done before that.

We'll put everything into a plan, with dates and timelines.
This plan will be our guiding light for your website project.

Step 3. Project Payment

You'll be sent your client agreement, and your project invoice. 

This is a quick and simple step. We'll get the administrative stuff out of the way, so we can get stuck into the more active parts of your project quickly. 

Signing your agreement documents, and making your payment, shows your commitment to the project plan. 

Project commencement.
A digital handshake. 

Website Design Project Stages - Stage 3 - Project Payment
Website Design Project Stages - Stage 4 - Site Design + Creation

Step 4. Site Design & Creation

We'll arrange your ideas and content into pages.
Organise each page and it's layout to achieve your goals.
Design and plan your site's technical functionality.

We'll then start building your website.
We'll take our ideas from the page to the pixel.

We'll tackle the technical stuff.
Create your pages. Populate your content. 
And add your colour and style.

Step 5. Unlimited Revisions

We don't always get everything perfect the first time.
But we'll with you to get your site ready for launch. 

During this stage we work together, collaboratively - back and forth - to work through your feedback and revisions. 

We'll shift and adjust the technical stuff.
We'll edit your text. Swap your images. Change your links. Add more client reviews. Update your prices. 
Add, or remove, questions for your sign up form. 

We'll get your site ready for the world to visit.

Website Design Project Stages - Stage 5 - Unlimited Revisions
Website Design Project Stages - Stage 6 - Website Launch

Step 6. New Website Launch

You're website is now ready for launch.
We're heading down the runway, and we're about to take off.

Let's flip the switch and make your brand new website live. We'll handle all the technical bits required to make this leap.

If you've got an IT team supporting your business, we'll liaise with them, to make sure this final project step goes smoothly.

Website hosting, domain names, emails, security. All that behind the scenes stuff. Done. 

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